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Wednesday, February 17, 2021 2:00 AM

School Police Force


In a move to satisfy the views of the day, schools are moving to defund the police force in schools.  Im sure there are many of both sides of the fence on this issue and again, it is not as Black and White as you will be forced to believe.  On one hand, it is clear from the multiple school shootings that there is a clear and present danger in schools today of the likelihood of being shot by a disgruntled student with access to guns.  The knee-jerk reaction to that was logically, to put the police into schools as a deterrent.  The unexpected side effect from that now is that we have armed police treating school kids as criminals when they are being kids, getting into trouble, fighting etc and using the techniques taught to subdue violent criminals on teenagers behaving badly, even sometimes shooting to kill unarmed kids, which has therefore created a backlash and so resulted in another knee-jerk reaction - defund the school police force.

There are many solutions to this problem that does not require excessive armed force presence and there is a kinder gentler way of policing that emphasizes cooperation rather than confrontation. 

One of the first things that can be done to reduce the threat of school shootings is to redesign how students enter the campus, and to have checkpoints that ensure that guns cannot get on campus.  Rather than a confrontational police presence, we could emphasize psychiatric presence, ramping up on our treatment of depression, anxiety, explosive anger issues and address some of the overarching themes that face students that cause them to behave in this way.  For example, it has been shown in studies that teaching students, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds yoga and meditation, helps them cope with anger.  Teaching them how to express rage and anger in more constructive ways and teaching them not to respond in anger to situations teaches self-regulation, a skill that will be required as they grow up and learn that bad behavior is not rewarded in the adult world.  

These are skills usually taught in functioning families by parents and in functioning close-knit communities by the larger community, church and in social gatherings.  In inner cities, rage, anger and fighting is a survival skills for the mean streets, and this spills over into schools.  Addressing this greater socioeconomic problem with REAL long-lasting solutions is much better than the knee-jerk "punishment" oriented model of 'get the cops in' to meet fire-with-fire.

The 'investment' of teaching these kids how to constructively manage their emotions has long-lasting consequences both in the school, as well as in the communities they will inhabit in the future.  Costs net out evenly.  Having all entrants to the school going through a checkpoint to catch any weapons will stop the weapons getting on the grounds, a small security force, will quell any physical violence.  Mandatory participation in mindfulness and meditation will yield long-term mental resilience and channelling that anger into constructive avenues will teach them how to behave, if they havent learnt this at home.

Starting them young and implementing this from 1st grade means having children already primed to behave by the time they reach the more aggressive teens.  This is education oriented at problem-solving.  We cant change our society today, but we can put the process in place to change it tomorrow.


Monday, February 15, 2021 3:14 PM

Does this Matter to You


 This is the sort of information that passes for news these days.  News is a good thing.  But today's media is more of a fireside chat style opinion-fest and less of a non-partisan, unbiased discussion of the issues facing us.  Here are the real facts as we all know it.  Like Trump or hate him, he is a crook, a liar, and a seditionist.  Those are the facts.  He was aided by Russian in 2016, and 2020, tried to buy Ukraine's assistance against domestic foes, and was a terrorist to American interests for 4 years while enriching himself, his family and his cronies.   Why then do his supporters like him???

Because they like what he stood for....something they were crying out for.  SOMEONE TO TAKE ON THE ESTABLISHMENT and DO THE WORK THAT NEEDS DOING!!!!

Many Trumpists actually are very well aware of the 'feet of clay' of their leader that goes all the way to the neck, unfortunately, the message that they tried to tell the 'liberals' was not heard.  They don't care what the BS issues are...they dont care how many women their leaders fondled, what illegitimate children they have, which of their friends are crooked...what they care about, is WHAT THAT LEADER IS DOING FOR THEIR ISSUES...and Trump, while completely useless, 'appeared' to give them what they were looking for.

Yes, while it appears on the surface, that all Trump supporters were 'white supremacists' or 'Armageddonists', that is merely the fringe element that exists in each party.  Democrats have theirs too - the super liberal left tree-hugger contingent, who are just as extremist.  By and large, the moderate center of the Republican party stuck with Trump, because the alternative was to go Democrat.  What they really wanted was for the noise to stop and for REAL issues to be addressed.  Similarly, the Christian Republican - likes Family First, thinks abortion should be addressed, and that Law and Order is important...  They also knew, their candidate was a poor choice, but given that the Democrats don't speak for them, they also were stuck with a man they knew was a poor choice.  

The same issues play out in the Democratic party, American Dems by and large, want jobs to pay living wages, they want clean air, safe streets, equality for all, and tolerance in our country.  They want a safety net for the unfortunate among us, and healthcare that is affordable and universal. Again, these are issues that are relevant to ALL AMERICANS, so why the great divide.

The strange separation is a false separation created because the current 2-party system serves the needs of lobyyists and businesses.  By having you think that the real choice is DEM or REP, they have you focusing on party loyalties, rather than the issues you want the parties to focus on.  By getting Americans to focus on For PARTY or AGAINST PARTY, they are free to plunder the nation, and enrich themselves and the special interests that finance them, while failing to do ANY real work to address the issues that matter to the American people.  Politics is now less about the real issues and more about Party affiliation. 


When did America become Russia or China...and how does this make us GREAT or DEMOCRATIC, or FREE!!!!! 

The PEOPLES PARTY was founded on the principles that affect ALL AMERICANS.  I am neither Democrat nor Republican...I am a liberal conservative...which means I draw from both parties issues.  I believe in law and order and equality.  I believe in immigration reform, but believe in immigration.  I believe in capitalism whole-heartedly, but also in wage relief, lower taxes and that everyone should pay their proportionate share.  I also believe in less government and fiscal responsibility, as should everyone who has ever run a budget...

I dont pretend to have all the answers, but assure you, that there will BE answers...and any efforts of the swamp dwellers to stop TRUE REAL CHANGE for Americans will be met with extreme resistance.  I am there for the PEOPLE, not lobbyist, not self-interests, and not rich folk who dont care what legacy they leave the rest of us to inherit...

Joint the PEOPLES PARTY for real CHANGE.

Committee to Elect Akua Agyeman
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