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The issue of immigration in America will always be an emotional one, because we all came here as immigrants.  America has for so many years been the beacon of hope in the darkness to all people.  To anyone in any country who lives in fear, sleeps in poverty, their hope is that 'coming to America' is the panacea to all their ills.  

We have fostered that ideology because quite frankly it has served American interests.  We have tapped into that wellspring to foment political instability in countries where the political bent was not democratic, succeeding in bringing both Russia and China in some form to reform their authoritanian countries in favor of a more democratic, or rather, capitalist position, creating more markets for our goods, and installing some form of democracy, however marginal.  

It has allowed nations to grow out of a stultifying military patriachy based on the rule of fear and the gun which stifles economic growth into democracies that pursue some form of free market economy, bringing them into the world market and hopefully giving some surcease to the suffering of others.

That position of 'Big Brother' to the world, has also brought its costs.  It is a position that is becoming more untenable, the more fiscally strapped America becomes as a nation, and it is time, to throttle down the floodgates somewhat and be somewhat discriminating about how much immigration should be permitted, and from where.  

As a minority, I am well aware of the 'false but highly cherished' notion of immigrants from poor countries, coming here to 'rape', 'pillage' and otherwise engage in criminal enterprise.  As an immigrant, I know, that is a lie fostered by those who live in fear and chose exclusionism as a way of protecting certain ideological frameworks.  

Nevertheless, the pragmatic answer on immigration is that yes, America needs to curtail immigration significantly.  I like to give examples to clarify issues so will give one here.

Imagine you are a warm-hearted, kind person who loves to help your family.  You have a job in which you are rising steadily and your year-on-year income is rising.  Your family realizing that you are the hot-shot of the family has taken to sending all struggling family members to your for help and your doors have been wide open to helping them.  Then, through age, seniority or whatever, suddenly your upward trajectory slows down, and perhaps starts coming under threat.  Your job is not so secure, your income has flattened...but there are more children being born in the family and the family is still expecting you to put food on everyone's table, put everyone through school, and the floodgates havent slowed down, despite this change in your financial reality....

What do you do?  Look for a new source of steadily rising income and keep the floodgates open?  Accept your new reality and have a chat with family that some belt-tightening needs to go on and they have to start taking responsibility for themselves, or go on a rant, close your doors to all family, write them a giant go-to-hell note and blame them for all your troubles and start a never-ending fight with everyone, refusing to see your family again?

That is the American situation with respect to immigration.  We can either keep the floodgates open, damn the consequences (the Democrat position), or we can still help others to help themselves, without putting ourselves at risk and help countries develop the 'American model' at home if they so choose (The TPP way), or we can choose the third option, which is the Republican way.

Our American situation has changed and there are many belt-tightening moves that will be needed if we are to survive.  We are ALL going to be unhappy in some form or the other, over the choices we will be faced with but these are changes that need to occur, to buy back our future.   

A career politician wont tell you this because he wants to keep getting re-elected.  His buddies with the special interests and lobbying positions which exist to keep the 'rich guys and gals' club going also will not be happy to hear this.  If this belt-tightening doesnt occur, America (for the low and middle-classes), has no future.  The rich will be fine.  

It's your choice, America, you've been notified.


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