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Where do I stand at as a candidate on the issues.  Post a question to me and I'll be sure to answer.  In the meantime, see what I have to say about some of the big issues of our day.  I will continue to post to the issues to share how I view our problems, and how we solve them.  Join me, lets take our house back.


The issue of wages is a complex one.  It is an interplay between workers rights and the threats to businesses. I will try to expand on the issue here.  Do not believe anyone who tries to push one position versus another because wages are a real complex problem. 


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Education has become a major problem in American schools where once again, the divide between rich and poor continues to widen.  This is a threat to American futures since we are increasingly heading into a technological age.  We need to fund our schools, invest in technology, retrain our educators and empower learning in our classrooms.  


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Is it time for America to rethink its position on Immigration.  The answer to that may surprise you.  As with many issues, the current standard of the day is to phrase this issue as black and white...i.e, you are either for- or against- and the moralities of 'good' versus 'evil' are attached to this.  The truth is actually far more complicated... (Read More)

The cost of TIME

"GOP eyes the playbook California used to stymie Trump" here:

As I have written about on this site, I started my foray into Politics after having endured 4 years of watching what happens when our leaders dont pay attention to the issues that matter.  Having watched in shock and surprise as our leaders and the people we elected to the Capitol to work on issues actually affecting us fight partisan fights, we breathed a sigh of relief hoping that a new election would bring some sanity.  2021, is not looking so bright, as this headline demonstrates.  It seems after 4 years of political infighting on one side, the other side is now gearing up to play the same dirty pool, Tit-for-tat kindergarten game.  

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Homelessness and the cost of affordable housing.

Walking around the streets of San Francisco, one would be forgiven for thinking that you were walking down the streets of a third world country.  Tents arise in multiple street corners and there is evidence of homelessness everywhere.  

In the community districts of the Tenderloin and Union St, this is even more glaring as the numbers of tent cities increase and the sheer numbers of homeless rise. Drug use is fueled and being further fueled by this state of affairs.


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